4 Reasons to choose Mind Share Over Market Share

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We are now entering into a “mind share” world - No longer dealing with analytical and procedural problems that, alone, require rational solutions. We are being asked to think together in ways that are innovative and relational. People who have never met each other now have to come up with breakthrough solutions to complicated problems (see: Velcro Teams). Here are 4 reasons why you should be thinking about shifting your mentality to a Mind Share capability:

1. Leadership

Different mentalities of leadership
Marketshare - The marketshare mentality of leadership is about being the HERO - commanding control, direction, and managing the talent. It’s about using power over others. How smart am I? How am I better than him or her? This way of thinking indicates that difference of perspective may be an issue for you.
Mindshare - The mindshare mentality of leadership is about being a HOST - pooling together the best talent and providing an environment that incubates thinking and encourages collaboration. This is about using your influence with others to gather different thought patterns together to create. How are WE smart? Having different perspectives are vital to this way thinking.
Too much procedure and structure will stifle the team’s innovation and intuition. In a marketshare mentality, leadership is more concerned about how late a person is arriving to work rather than how conducive the working environment is for collaboration and brainstorming. It’s not about you, it’s about the team - your leadership should not feel like a dictatorship. Leaders should coordinate team effort and allow resources to thrive in their own lane. Cater to the needs of the team to create an environment that supports innovative and creative thought instead of concentrating on punishing people for not following the rules.

2. Measuring Success

This is the measure of how effective your team is.
Marketshare - The marketshare mentality of measuring success is about gaining profits and assets. It concentrates on how many tangible assets you acquire. How much property do we have? How much money do we have? If you only focus on how much you are gaining, you will not be focused on the needs of the team. In turn, you may not notice when your team is being burned out or when you are inefficiently allocating tasks. You end up ignoring the talent doing the work!
Mindshare - The mindshare mentality of measuring success is about capacity. We are successful when we have the ABILITY to acquire more. This mentality is not as concerned with how much we’re making. Is your team able to produce at the optimal level? Is the team well diversified? Is there an ability to expand? Is your team able to think outside the box for growth? Are you all open to new ideas?
Make sure you dream with your team! Don’t limit your ability to grow and expand based on hard stats and records.

3. Determining Value

Where and How do you identify value within your team. Value identifies the worthiness of your business.
Marketshare - The marketshare mentality of determining value is monitored by shortage. What is the team lacking? What do we not have? Lacking things makes the team seem less worthy. Maybe accolades and accomplishments make your team seem more worthy? In this mindset, you may be more willing to do business with someone because of their popularity or years of experience rather than how productive they are in their lane - not considering or caring about creativity.
Mindshare - The mindshare mentality of determining value is monitored by relationship and capacity for ideas. Acquiring team members based on longevity, capacity, and relationships.
Allow yourself the space to not predict the future. You should determine the needs to achieve the outcome that you want and provide those needs. Don’t focus on who has more, focus more who can help you for the longevity of your goals.

4. Outlook

How you perceive information
Marketshare - The outlook of a marketshare mentality is concerned with right and wrong, pros vs cons, and good vs bad.
Mindshare - The outlook of a mindshare mentality is concerned with what’s possible and what can be achieved. Instead of pros and cons, this mindset is about listing what CAN be. This is about what’s acceptable, what’s agreeable, what’s neutral, and what’s ethical.
Why is outlook so important? If you are only concentrating on the good and bad, then you are choosing to ignore possibilities about what can get accomplished. Accept the possibilities about where your business could go. How can the ideas of the team be used? Remember, stifling an idea before it is fully examined or explained is detrimental to the longevity your team.

Learn To Share

Wonder creates the fertile conditions that generate ideas and that build bridges between seemingly opposing thoughts. Wealth is created and carried by ideas and relationships more than by transactions. When you have a good idea, and I have a good, and we exchange them - you walk away with two ideas and I walk away with two new ideas. It’s important to take time and understand the differences in how the people around you think. Learn to find the balance between collaboration and competition.
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