5 Conditions Needed To Be More Creative And Innovative

conditions for creativity and innovation
Many people are involved in jobs that encourage them to follow to rules and not to stir the pot. This conformity can stifle innovation and prevent new ideas from developing. Following these 5 conditions will help to counterbalance this social norm by creating a space that is more creative and innovative.

1. You’re Responsible For Initiating Innovation

Be aware that you are responsible for taking charge of your innovation. Creativity is taking your imagination and putting action behind those ideas. Let the creative juices in your mind flow - let those thoughts out!
If you are not aware of your need for innovation, you won’t go looking for it. Create opportunities to let your imagination go wild. Driving, showering, or sun bathing on your favorite beach are some great environments for letting your thoughts ponder.

2. Have Considerable Control Over Your Resources For The Task At Hand

When you have considerable control over the decision-making processes of your work, new ideas are less likely to be snuffed out before they are developed into something creative and useful. If you are not in the position to make these decisions, find a way to be involved so that your voice and ideas are heard. There is power in being able to decide how to expend funds, set goals, and partner with others.

3. Be Secure And Comfortable In Your Own Proficiency

Be aware of your talents! Know your skills as well as your limitations about different subjects related to your field of expertise. You are more likely to provide new ideas if you are comfortable with your abilities. Having sufficient strength of character to suggest new ideas to others at the possibility of being rejected or ridiculed is important for creative growth.
New ideas can often be disruptive. If you are on a team that constantly works together, you may hear the mantra “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!” Yes, when you go about doing things in a new way, there there is always a risk for failure. This is why it is important for the team to listen to these ideas, discuss them, and come up with a solution that may work for the team as a whole.
“the ideas of creative people often lead them into direct conflict with the trends of their time, and they need the courage to be able to stand alone.” - (Robin Hogarth, Judgment and Choice, 117)

4. Yes, Size Matters

Working on a big project? Try breaking the project down into smaller mini-projects. Small projects promote flexibility, and this is more conducive for creativity. Keep in mind the number of people involved, your budget, and duration of your project.

5. Allow Time Away From The Job

In addition to working on projects, you should be engaged in personal activities. These activities should be unrelated to your day job, and should foster fun and creative growth. Time away from a task is generally recognized as being an essential part of a great creative process. Participating in other activities stimulate your mind and may inspire new ideas.
Remember that the importance of these 5 conditions are not great when observed separately. Also remember that in the absence of these conditions, it is quite unlikely that a high creative process could develop into innovative results. Cumulatively, however, their impact is powerful.
What methods or strategies do you use to create a more creative and innovative space to think? Answer in the comments below!

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