Top 10 Escape Room Survival Tips

escape room survival tips
Before diving head-first into an escape room challenge, you want to have a killer strategy for your team to make it out in time! Here is a list of 10 strategies that your team should use for your next escape room adventure:

1. Create A Clue Pile

Creating the “clue pile” should be the very first step for your team. Place all keys, locks, and other potentially useful items in one place for everyone to find and utilize easily. Staying organized will ultimately help decrease your team’s frustration, helping you work better together.

2. Leave Keys In Locks

Once you unlock a puzzle with a key, leave the key in the lock. Not only will this keep your clue-solving area nice and tidy, using this tactic will ensure that your teammates are not wasting time attempting to re-use keys for different locks.

3. Separate and Reconvene

It’s easy to follow behind the person that solved the last two puzzles, but don’t get sucked into the trap of playing follow-the-leader. There are usually many items to find and uncover. Sometimes if you explore just a bit more, you may find your very own cool discovery.

4. Step Away and Breathe

Escape rooms are not for the faint of heart, and they can be extremely frustrating for those that are more competitive. If you find yourself getting flustered by a particular puzzle: take a step away, breathe, and explore some more before heading back to the original puzzle.

5. Listen To The Rules

Once you visit one escape room, you will get a feel for the basics. Even so, it is important to actually listen to the rules that the game-master provides at the beginning of the adventure. Hearing that there are “no clues under any tables” may save lots of time, energy, and back pain.

6. Search The Nooks And Crannies

When players get excited, it is common for them skim over ordinary-looking props and look for something that stands out. Do yourself a favor and search under, around, and inside everything that you can find in the room. Just remember, if you happen to get stuck, then don’t be afraid to…

7. Ask For A Clue

Clues are there to help players when they are stuck and have not solved any puzzles that will help move them forward. If your team is having trouble, ask for a hint! You don’t want your pride to prevent you from smelling the sweet scent of victory. Note: These are usually limited so use them wisely!

8. Let Someone Else Try

Can’t get the 4-digit combination lock in the corner to work? Maybe it’s time to let someone else give it a try. Give yourself a time limit for how much time you can spend on a particular puzzle before soliciting the services of one of your teammates.

9. Don’t Waste Your Time

Sometimes in escape room challenges, game masters will introduce puzzles that are solely there to mislead and confuse your team. These time-wasters are typically referred to as “Red Herrings” and will can tire your brain out. Don’t get stumped by these.

10. It’s A Game, So Have Fun!

Escape room games can be extremely immersive. If you start feeling extremely frustrated or uncomfortable, just remember that it’s all a game and it’s meant to be fun for you and your team. Just remember you can always attempt another room.

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