What Is An Escape Room?

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Escape Rooms originated in Japan circa 2006, when Takao Kato saw a friend playing an escape room game style, point-and-click game on a PC. He then imagined a real-life adventure with the same concept. He created and implemented a unique theme, let people try it, and found great success. Live-adventure escape room games were born!1. They quickly spread across Asia and Europe, and were first reported in the US around 2012. These escape room challenges have since been spreading like wildfire with their nationwide success.2
Escape Rooms are the latest and greatest forms of entertainment - providing an offline activity (as no cellular devices are needed) where teams must utilize their creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to find and decipher clues, locks, and puzzles in order to accomplish a mission within a particular time limit.
There is usually a theme or story associated with the escape room to captivate players and get them enthralled into the experience. Themes vary greatly from franchise to franchise. Some escape room challenges aim to haunt or scare (being trapped in a room with a zombie), while other attempt to trill (being handcuffed in the darkness, Saw style). At No Way Out Escape Room Adventures in St. Louis, we focus on the brain science of teamwork as it relates to working with those who may think differently. Our puzzles cater to a variety of thinkers so that everyone feels comfortable using their skills to contribute to the team’s victory.
These escape room games are incredibly fun, and are particularly popular for families and friends looking for exciting things to do, birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties, and date nights. As a result of the constant communication and cooperation that must be shared for the group to succeed, these experiences inherently have a strong team-building foundation. For our other blog for the Top 5 Reasons To Bring Your Corporate Team To An Escape Room.
If you are looking for a team outing in St. Louis, Missouri, make sure you contact us here at No Way Out Escape Room Adventures to set up an escape room and team-building event for your corporate team.

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