Interested in hosting a surprise party, family reunion, or team-building event with No Way Out?


No worries, we specialize in events! No Way Out is an incredibly fun way to celebrate any occasion.


Along with offering engaging and challenging escape room, we support self-awareness, unique collaborative learning, and fun problem-solving. There is No Way Out of a great experience.

No Way Out Private Party

What's In It For You?

  • Exclusive use of the entire facility, including escape room, lounge, outdoor event space, and restrooms
  • Free parking in the front and rear of the building for all of your guests
  • Escape room experience that can accommodate up to 30 guests at once
  • Fully customizable experience to meet your unique needs
  • Lounge with comfortable seating, visual set-up and audio speaker set-up upon request - perfect for collaboration and team building
  • Variety of catering options available
  • Cake table available upon request
  • Choose your own music and playlists to be played throughout the event
  • Very helpful and friendly hosts on hand to provide assistance and to ensure an amazing experience

For more information, check out our special event packages and give us a call at (314) 297-7367 or fill out the form below to have one of our special event coordinators reach out to you.

Overtime Fee

Our prices are listed based on a specific amount of time. Should you need to extend your event time, an overtime fee will apply.

  • Monday-Thursday: $50 per half-hour
  • Friday-Sunday: $100 per half-hour
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