Shifting To MindShare No Way Out

4 Reasons to choose Mind Share Over Market Share

We are now entering into a “mind share” world – No longer dealing with analytical and procedural problems that, alone, require rational solutions. We are being asked to think together in ways that are innovative and relational. People who have never met each other now have to come up with breakthrough solutions to complicated problems[…]

No Way Out Escape Room Overhead

What NOT To Do In An Escape Room Challenge

If you’ve ever played an escape room challenge before, you know how overwhelming the experience can be for a newbie. Do you think this picture means anything? Do you think they hid a code under the table? Try the numbers backwards! &nbsp It can be easy to get distracted by red herrings (read: time-wasting puzzles)[…]

Creativty and Innovation

5 Conditions Needed To Be More Creative And Innovative

Many people are involved in jobs that encourage them to follow to rules and not to stir the pot. This conformity can stifle innovation and prevent new ideas from developing. Following these 5 conditions will help to counterbalance this social norm by creating a space that is more creative and innovative. &nbsp 1. You’re Responsible[…]

Lock and Chain

Top 10 Escape Room Survival Tips

Before diving head-first into an escape room challenge, you want to have a killer strategy for your team to make it out in time! Here is a list of 10 strategies that your team should use for your next escape room adventure: &nbsp 1. Create A Clue Pile &nbsp Creating the “clue pile” should be[…]

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